Sunday, April 28, 2013


Callen thought it was so funny that he was balancing on the arm of my chair:) he was laughing so hard!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snuggle time

Swimming class

Callen was excited to go to his swimming class at the Y on Monday. The parents go in the pool too, so it's good I hold him during it. The first half of the class he kept saying go home? But then he started to like it and had fun. I think each week he'll start liking it better. I gave him a bath when we got home and he was practicing some things he had learned:)

Monday, April 22, 2013

27 weeks

Around 13 weeks to go!! Starting to feel bigger/a little more uncomfortable this past week, and to think there's 13 more weeks to grow:) still have to find a name and still have to finish her room. Lots to do:) but I'm getting so excited! I told chad last night I want her to be here!! But I know things are going to change so much once she arrives. and we still have a to do list we're working on. So no need to try and rush things:) 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


One of callens classes they learned about flowers and seeds, and planted some seeds. I wasn't sure if they'd sprout, but sure enough! They did. Callen was so excited to see that they were growing:)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fruit loop necklace


After class on Tuesday, me and Sarah took the boys to the playground that the Y has. Callen and Christian had so much fun!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

summer babies on the way

me and courtney are due 4 weeks apart, both with girls! she is due in june and im due in july.
cant wait for these little ones to arrive:)

The Great I Am

I came across this song/video this week on someone's blog. I've never heard it before, but was so encouraged by it!! It is so good, so wanted to share it on here. 

. . . 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today was the last preschool time class at the Y. It was a fun eight weeks!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Callen was digging with his little excavator the other day...and came across a worm. He was not happy about it, he even started to cry!!! I think it caught him by surprise more than anything. I took a stick and moved it to the grass and callen was much happier about that. This morning we were out and another worm was slithering on the driveway. He handled it better this time. But was still not too impressed. Saying yuuuuck over and over:) once I put the worm on the stick callen didn't mind moving him to the grass.

Callens been wanting to go for walks in his green stroller. So we've been out just about every day this week. Even the chilly days. Callen wanted to be all bundled up though. Loving being able to go for walks!!


Having a picnic lunch, on the couch:)


Callen had a fever on Wednesday, so this is what our morning was like. Callen laying on the couch watching tv. Once the Tylenol kicked in, it helped a lot. And we were outside the rest of the day. The next morning his fever was gone, so not sure what that was all about.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outside, at last.

The weather the past two days. Wow!! Today was the perfect weather day by far. Windows in the house were open by 9am, and we were outside right after. High 70's I think it was today? Not really sure. But I was in love. We were outside as much as we could be. And even went for two walks. This weather is so good for the soul. The warm fresh air and sunshine. Amazing. Callen played with his little excavator for the longest time. Digging up dirt and making piles. A few times he'd take a break and walk over to my chair and tell me a story about something or put his face up to mine and have me kiss it. We are so thankful for days like these where we can finally be outside, comfortably:)


I am so excited about my 20x30 print of callen above our bed. This pic is from his 18 month photo shoot with his auntie:) it's one of my favorites. I love the colors and textures and of course, cute callen:) a 20x30 frame is hard to find!!! Who would've thought. So had to order it online. Sears/Kmart came through at a pretty good price! Oh I love it so much. Our bedroom walls have needed something on them. So finally, a start! And it looks 10 times better in person. Come see for yourself;)

25 weeks

Baby is the size of a cauliflower!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bird food

We got some bird food for the feeder today while we were out. Callen was so excited to go home to put it in the feeder. Now we just have to wait for the birds to find it!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Super hero callen!

Whipped cream

Callen likes to help me in the kitchen. Yesterday he helped me make some whipped cream for our dessert after dinner. Measuring and dumping all the ingredients into the bowl, and of course....licking the beaters at the end:)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Callen got some stickers from class on Tuesday. He found them yesterday morning and started sticking them on his legs. He said they were stickers for running. Then he'd get up and start running around the house. Silly boy:)

Baby's room

Here is the progress we're making in the nursery/guest room! I found this crib on the NH Craigslist. Could not pass it up!! Got it for a great deal, and it is in perfect condition. My parents agreed to handle the transaction, and then we brought it back with us over the weekend. I set it up yesterday and I LOVE it!!! I've always loved these Jenny Lind spindle how perfect that I was able to get one for our baby girl.

Callen has loved it. All he's wanted to do has been to "go in baby sisters crib". He's testing it out for her, and so far, so good!

Still in the beginning stages of rearranging etc. trying to figure out the best arrangements for furniture. And of course curtains, bedding, decorations and pillows are next!! That's the fun part. But a step at a time:)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

24 weeks

The baby is aprox, just over a pound and about a foot long. I love feeling her move all about. Getting excited to meet her and see what she looks like!! We still have plenty of time...but I'm still getting excited:)


my cute little model boy :) such a natural with his hands in his pockets. he mustve remembered auntie shell teaching him to do that at his past photo shoots. since he just did it on his own. not many pictures are taken without some sort of food product involved. for some reason, this one was a mini wheat. so hes in the process of eating that through all these pics :)

excuse his little tie. i guess its time for me to make some more in the next size! i shouldve double checked before i packed.