Monday, December 23, 2013

5 months!

Out little sweetie is 5 months! 


So thankful to have a chalkboard! Ive been wanting one for quite a while. I saw one on a blog and was so inspired but nothing ever came of it. My parents had this frame that they graciously gave up so I could have it;) and chad got the board at Home was already cut the exact size we needed!! That made things easy. My dad helped me nail the board to the frame, a couple picture hangers on the back and here you have it! I love it. Will have to work on my chalk skills now. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

gingerbread house

Callen was excited to make a gingerbread house. His favorite parts were licking the knife covered in frosting...and testing out all the candies:)

All done!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Courtney git this reindeer onesie for callen when he was a baby. Fun I could re use it for Maelyn:) 

Sweet girl

She loves her fingers!!! 

m and d

It was so fun having my parents here last week. They came down to celebrate Christmas with us, as we won't be together this year for it. So nice for them to come, and nice that we got lost if snow that allowed them to stay an extra night;) callen loved having them here too! 

Bow and arrow for callen! He was so excited:) 

Coloring with nanny. 
Cuddling with grampops under the heated blanket! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cutie girl

I have some catching up to do on here, but in the mean time!
Adorable pea coat, skirt and shiny red shoes-compliments of auntie shell:)

Friday, December 13, 2013


I'm excited to be starting to make my own soaps. I've been more aware of chemicals in foods and cleaners lately. Our body uses whatever we put into it or whatever it is exposed to, to function. As I've been going through and dealing with all this...hormonal related? stuff, I'm trying even harder to be even more careful with things. I try and be careful anyways avoiding certain things and ingredients and buying certain foods with certain ingredients, especially since having callen. I do have a hard time spending the extra money for the natural sprays and soaps, but will wait til I can find a good deal. I came across a site where she gives a lot of recipes for cleaners, so it inspired me. All my ingredients arrived so I mixed some together yesterday. These supplies are going to last me forever! 32 cents for a 16 oz spray bottle of safe cleaner? I can handle that:)
I'm still looking around for different recipes and supplies. But for now the blog I found she gives a great starting point that has been so helpful. You do have to spend a little bit up front to get the supplies...but you really only use a couple tablespoons per spray bottle. So once divided out, it is worth it. One bottle of kitchen all purpose spray and one bottle of bathroom all purpose spray made. More to go:) I made up a foam handsoap. Going to try a regular pump hand soap next. 

Little frosty

Maelyn was napping so me and callen snuck outside for a little bit. This is our little frosty. 
The snow was so powdery and was not working with us, so this is the extent of him. But callen was happy with it, so that's all that matters:) 


We bundled up to go out and enjoy the snow. 

Maelyn first time "playing in the snow" :)


We were early to maelyns 4 month check up. She didn't know she was about to get some shots:( but she did well! And I am so beyond thankful to have a beautiful healthy little girl. It can be easy to take health for granted, but it's something that I never want to forget that it is such a gift and blessing from God. So I want to always be thankful for it. Happy to report she's healthy and growing:) 
We got out the box of callens baby toys. He was happy to show some of them to Maelyn:) and she was happy to see them. She's been enjoying playing with them!

nj cousins

Theses 3 coordinated Sunday, so had to get their pic:)