Thursday, October 31, 2013

Super heroes... the rescue!! 

Callen wanted to be a super hero for the trunk or treat at church. Since we ended up last minute being away for that I had no motivation to make a cape and costume. Well this week I ended up looking through my fabric and came across some green and black checkered and thought I'd give the cape a try. It was pretty easy! So then the next day I looked through the fabric again and came across the light pink, perfect to try a cape for Maelyn too. Cut some lightning bolts out and ironed them on...and made two masks. 

Two super cute super heros if you ask me! 


Maelyn is a sweet little 3 month old. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We went into Brooklyn yesterday to see Dave and lauren. It was such a fun day! And the weather was absolutely perfect. 
                                We stayed mostly in Dumbo, which stands for down under manhattan bridge overpass. Such a pretty area! With the Brooklyn bridge on the left and the manhattan bridge on the right.

Dave bought callen a ticket for the carousel. 

Sundays they have smorgasbord. Lots of tents and food vendors set up. It was hard to pick what to eat everything looked and smelled so good. 

 these dough donuts were amazing!!

Maelyn was a perfect little angel the whole day!!
Callen had fun at the parks! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013


It's such a pretty time of year to go for walks. 
Our collection of leaves. As we were looking at them and talking about them callen said looks like the leaves painted themselves! I thought that was cute...then thought and mentioned how yes! God paints them for us as the season changes. I'm so glad he does, it is beautiful.