Monday, July 29, 2013

Italian ice

We enjoyed some Italian ice outside. Callen loved it, he said its so cherry and good.

Our first night and morning

She did a great job the first night home. She even slept an almost 7 hour stretch. We were so thankful!!

Callen loves his sister:)

Sunday, July 28, 2013


The hospital offers a massage on the last morning. So the lady came by and asked if I wanted one. It was so nice! Half way through it chad comes walking in...i was thinking that Maelyn needed to eat. I asked if she had to eat, he shook his head and behind him was the hospital pediatrician, and 3 other people. I started to panic and asked if everything was ok, and what was going on. 

They explained to me that they found a heart murmur that morning and wanted to do some tests. I immediately started crying, having no clue what they meant. They had me kiss her sweet little head before they left. So there I was laying on the massage table crying! The lady doing the massage was so nice and told me story after story and assured me that in most cases it is fine and it clears on its own. 

It was actually nice me being in that room. Because as it was I had to go back to our room and waited two hours for chad and Maelyn to come back. I was so happy to see their faces when they walked in. Chad explained that she had a small hole in her heart but it should clear up on its own. We'll go back in a month to make sure. The dr said she was the third or Fourth baby that morning with the same thing, so it is commom. And in the mean time I got text after text telling me nieces and nephews and cousins who had the same thing. It just scares a new mother! 

Praying Maelyn will be a healthy girl. 

Ready to go home! 

Her first car ride was a success! Not one peep:)


i am so glad that our little maelyn is fnally here! she is just perfect~


me and my two babies:)

Our family of four

callen was so interested in her.


Me and courtney were due four weeks apart, and these two little cousins emded up being born 5 weeks apart. it will be fun to see them grow up so close together:) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 22nd 2013

little did i know what God had planned when i woke up monday morning. It's amazing how he had every detail of everything all lined up and ordered perfectly. Just like Him, right? Especially since that had been my prayer for weeks and weeks. 

i had a check up in the afternoon at the drs. was hoping he would tell me that i had progressed alot and that the baby would come on her own any day. but i left disappointed with no progress and him saying he would see me thursday for my induction. 

induction wasnt my first choice but i scheduled it just so i wouldnt go days and days late. i was so ready to have her. 

i got home from the checkup, me and callen had lunch, put callen to bed...and then i decided to take a nap too since i felt so tired. i woke up to get dinner started...and after a few times of what I first thought was me going to bathroom in my pants...then suspected that my water was breaking. i called erika to confirm and she assured me she felt for sure thats what it was! She said call the drs!!

chad got home, which was perfect timing, and i told him...called the drs and they wanted me to go to the hospital. callen had just woken up from his nap, another perfect timing puzzle we gathered all our things. and dropped callen off at chads parents and then headed to the hosptial. we werent in a huge rush which was nice. i was just having small contractions on the way. 

we got there about 6:30...

 i got all hooked up and it was confirmed that my water had broken and that there would be a baby that night or early morning! 

 i got an epidural which was so amazing. what a relief. To watch all these contractions on the screen but not feel them. I started to get really itchy so they gave me some Benadryl through the iv. Just as I was about to try and sleep I got awful uncontrollable shakes. The dr and anastesiologist came in and were puzzled by this reaction. Thankfully as the Benadryl wore off I stopped shaking. 
A little while later I told chad I think I needed the dr as I felt like I needed to push. Sure enough she was  ready and her head was right there! The dr on call that night was great. His sense of humor had me laughing. The air conditioning in the room wasn't working, so it was 81 degrees in there. The nurse had a fan going so I didn't even notice! But all the comments going just really made me laugh. The nurse said, this girl is in labor and she's over here laughing. As they all rushed around I tried my hardest to make sure they were ready before she came out! I kept telling the dr to stop making me laugh or she was going to come out! he assured me someone would catch her. A push and a half later she was here!! 

Our little 6 pounder and 11 ounces baby girl! 

Dropping her at the nursery before a crazy night and next day...

The night was rough...I ended up passing out at 3 am while in the bathroom. And then the next day with still no sleep, almost passed out again. I was so overwhelmed. My body just would not sleep. So between the epidural, reaction to Benadryl, giving birth, not eating or sleeping in so body was not happy. It made me so nervous. That I dreaded getting up to use the bathroom. At one point I just started to pray and pray...and I kept saying "when I am afraid I will trust in You" over and over. So thankful there were no more incidents. God helped me to fall asleep around midnight Tuesday night. It was honestly an answer to prayer. I knew I needed to sleep and that that would help my body so much. But I just couldn't. That part of maelyns arrival was awful. And has left me with a wow, I'm never doing this again mindset. I am grateful that the labor and delivery was such a good experience. I have a great memory of it. It was actually fun! So for that I am glad:)