Monday, November 24, 2014


We had just eaten at the diner, (where maelyn are just about the whole time) we get home and I hear a rip...look over and see that maelyn had gotten into my leftovers and was eating them all happily!!:)


Sweet girl! 

Found callens winter hats! But only one mitten...hmm:) 


We were getting ready to leave and I see maelyn like this. She grabbed the iPad off the couch and was quietly playing it while I was getting things together. 


Little play date with cousins last week:) 


She loves siting in her Elmo chair next to her basket of books. She lovvves books!! 

A little distracted by the tv 
Back to reading 


Funny girl playing the harmonica. And with no hands! Talent:) 

She is so funny, I will see and hear this throughout the day. Walking with her walker playing the harmonica. She wouldn't stop walking so it's a little blurry;) 

Little tree

Last weekend I couldn't help but get some Christmas decorations out. Callen was so excited:) 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Friday night

Panera with this cutie Friday night. We met Courtney, Stuart, sawyer and sayler at the movies after. Callens first time at the movie theater. He had fun! Maelyn stayed with poppy and jj, so we had a fun little outing just us and callen. 


Callens been asking when we're going to get snow! Thursday night we finally got some. He was very excited. As soon as he got up and saw it all he was begging to go out. And was very concerned that it was going to melt before we got out there. 


This little munchkin hasn't been sleeping great for the past...5 weeks?;) between cutting teeth and then a cold here and there. She has her two bottom teeth, one top middle tooth, one top molar, and now her other top molar is cutting through. Silly goose:) 

If she's up in the night I'll go in to her room and lay with her on the bed in there. Some mornings I'll take her in bed with me for a little bit depending. 6am has been her waking time for some reason. But she's the sweetest little cuddler. So I soak that right up...even if it is at 10:30 just as I fell asleep, 3am or 6am. I know these moments don't last forever. 


She loves using a fork or spoon when she eats. And she does a good job with it! 
and she loves folding her hands to pray! 


The craft at mommy and me last week was this candle holder with the top of a soda bottle. Callen was so excited to eat by candle light at dinner:) 

Callen had lots of fun with the glitter. 

Busy bin

Maelyn playing with a busy bin, and snacking as well! 


Callen loves using the vegetable peeler. And he's quite the helper with it too! Peeling carrots for our chicken soup. 

Whipped cream

Maelyn loved her first beater. We made some whipped cream to go with the pumpkin pie we made. Callen and maelyn taste tested. 

Trick or treating

We went to chads parents with Courtney and her kids to trick or treat around their neighborhood. It was fun! So cute watching them all together. Sayler made sure everyone said thank you after they got their candy, and she stayed and helped callen when he tripped. She is such a sweet girl. 

After the 6th or so house, the kids were at the door of a house and we hear callen yell- m&m's again??!!!? Oh my. I had to tell him after that to be thankful for any kind he gets. And m&m's are one of his favorites so that was good he got a couple:) 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Misc pics

I got callens Elmo chair our for Maelyn. She loves it!!!!

She was a sad girl in nursery. So we took a little break and went for a walk. 

Sunday was cold and windy. Callen was excited for hot chocolate with marshmallows. 
And muffins! 
Monday callen had a fever:( he did this just about all day and turned down going outside. So you know he wasn't feeling well 
Sleepy girl taking a rest. 
Little pig tail;)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Play dough

A friend texted me and asked if I had tried making the pumpkin spice play dough. I hadn't! So looked up the recipe. It was easy! Callen had fun, and it smelled festive:)