Monday, July 28, 2014


Maelyn loves the sandbox. 

She didn't nap for her afternoon nap so she was very tired. 


Steve, Ashley and Olivia came over for dinner Saturday. It is so nice them living closer so we're able to get together like this. 

So thankful for Ashley's friendship. We are like sisters. 
They played so cute together!!! And then had a bath after since they were covered in sand! 


She gets soo excited walking to the swings. Before we went out I asked if she wanted to go swinging, and she knows! She got so happy! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Froze some toys in an ice cube tray so callen could hammer them out. He had fun! 

Then I tried a bigger container. The toys fit better. 


This boy is filled to the brim with energy. Wakes up for the day between 5:30-6:30 and is ready to go til bedtime. The other day I was playing a song on the piano that I remember so clearly playing six summers ago, with tears asking God to bless me with a baby. The song was what do I know of holy. And now that blessing that God gave me will be four in just a couple months. Some days are very trying with him. But other days are filled with so many precious moments. I have to hold on to these days with him as the moments go by so quick. As my sister wrote, "I will hold on to today, won't let another minute pass me by." I'm thankful for my callen. Sometimes I can hardly handle his cuteness. It's those eyes!:) 

Maelyns birthday

Happy 1st birthday maelyn! 

A donut for breakfast, I think she enjoyed it;) and she loves her cows milk! 
Present time after dinner! 


Happy birthday to our beautiful girl. So thankful for her sweet little life. 



Maelyn loves this spot. 


Chad cut down some branches and callen had so much fun playing with and in them! 


Breakfast outside


We get together every week with Jen, Annie and jack. We are so excited that they just moved about a mile away!
Ice cream time!

Maelyn was happy as could be!
King and queen