Thursday, December 20, 2012

picture frame game

callen took this picture of my parents, my brother and myself with a christmas tree years ago...and started moving his finger on it saying "game. play game." pushing on the people in the picture. oh my.
a little too much electronics? ie: ipad??

stick em up

little bundle boy

blog book 2011

my 2011 blog book came in. 
i am so happy with how it turned out. so all that time and hard work paid off:) this will be so nice to have. now on to 2010 or 2012. oh boy! i'll take a little break and enjoy this materpiece. 

project 52:49

Project 52:49
A glimpse into Motherhood
. . .
baby oil
. . .
i had used some baby oil to clean behind callens ears during one of his baths. i then went into his room to get his pajamas and diaper. came back into the bathroom and saw the baby oil cap on the sink. so i went to look for the bottle.......callen had it in his hands, tipped upside down, completely empty!!! i mustve left it on the tub....and in a matter of minutes callen dumped it in his bath. and was having lots of fun. needless to say, he was very soft. its taken me days to get the oil out of the tub and toys!! little stinker!
. . .

project 52:48

Project 52:48
A glimpse into Motherhood
. . .
 . . .
. . .
callen has been carrying this wrench around with him all week. fixing everything. such a big helper:) we even brought it with us to the diner, and he was busy working on the highchair. hopefully all the bolts were tight when we left!

Friday, December 7, 2012


Callen opens one book a night til Christmas. He has been loving it. One morning he came down and wanted to open one, but I told him that we have to wait til daddy's home to open these. So he put it back and said wait, daddy, home:) I got the idea from Pinterest!

fun in the snow

sarah brought these snow pants and hat and mittens over, perfect timing :)

Christmas time is here.

we ended up at Home Depot again this year. the more affordable route, for a tree that we'll get rid of in a month ;) 

 this was callens favorite part. sitting on the lawn mower.

 we picked a tree!

 checking everything out.