Thursday, May 29, 2014

Project in a bag

Sayler sent callen home with a bag the other night. With written out instructions and all the supplies for it, and said it might be messy! cotton ball, cup and a feather. Callen loved it!:)


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Maelyns first watermelon:)


Playing in the nursery:)


Maelyn loves the swing. She was holding in to both chains. I couldn't fit it in the pic. 



Patio project

Here's our before and after patio project. Something we've been wanting to do for a while and now it's done! So thankful that chads friend Dave came to help. Couldn't have done it without him. He really helped chad and made the process go much quicker. 

A couple finishing touches to go, but bring on the patio parties:)

Friday, May 23, 2014

10 months

Wow, my baby is ten months old. The months keep coming and going! She is such a ray of sunshine. 
-She has recently started sleeping through the night! Amazing. Wasn't sure when that was going to start but all of a sudden she did! 
-She takes good naps
-She loves to eat. Anything. Bread, muffins, bagels, bars, puffs, yogurt, baby food, cereal, finger foods. The only thing she really turns down is when I put avocado in her foods. But besides that she'll eat about anything. I've been getting her food pouches on sale at the grocery store. And some of the combos are great. Things I couldn't make or mix up for her-easily. So that makes me feel better that I haven't been great with making her food. 
-She sits and plays happily with toys. Is in no rush to move-creep or crawl
-no teeth yet
-she was 16 lbs and 12 oz at her check up last week. and 27 inches
-She rolls around her crib a lot. She's always on the otherside or in the other direction than where I layed her. 
-She loves her crib. And her pacifier. And her white fleecy star blanket. 
-She likes taking thing out of bags or baskets. That keeps her busy
-She'll throw things down if she doesn't want them. 
-I've tried her in nursery at church 3 different times. Not so much. Last Sunday lasted not even 10 minutes and as soon as I got her she stopped crying. So we have some separation anxiety going on. 
-She loves her bath! that makes her so happy. she sits and plays and splashes and gets all happy
-She likes walks in the stroller and likes swinging in the swing on the swingset
-not a huge fan of the car. or maybe its just the combination of her and callen that makes me say that. any noise she makes callen makes a louder noise. and it can get pretty out of hand...
-she does "so big", waves, blink blinks, ive been teaching her "more" and shes been doing that. she loves trot trot, and patty cakes. she loves seeing callen. 
-she kicks her legs alot. when she's sitting down her legs will start going. its good balance that she doesnt tip back!  
-mama, dada, nana, baba....shes saying those sorts of words.
i love her so much!!