Thursday, February 26, 2015


Callen loves to clean. A spray bottle and paper towel or cleaning rag and he's set. Maelyn joined in too. 


She was all out of sorts one day so wouldn't eat in her high chair. I had to hold her bowl while she ate standing. 

All cozy
Learning the 5 senses. 
She loves sitting at this table. And loves to color and draw! 

Play doh 
Fun at westys gym open play

Monday, February 16, 2015

Nh feb 2015

Aj had his basketball tournament Friday and Saturday. It was fun to be able to watch his games! 

Rys party!


Callen loves getting mail! This made his day:)

Re:new conference

Francis chan was at a church about 45 minutes from us. So a few of us planned to go to the conference. Debbie, jess, Noelle and myself all got dinner first at a greek restraunt jess knew of. And then we stopped at Starbucks. It was a fun night! And the conference was great!!! The music passion band was awesome and Francis chan and luis palau were very challenging. Makes me want to go to more conferences and concerts like that! 
The pic the waitress took came out better than our selfies;)