Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tummy time


This little boy has been getting up for the day at 5:30...and some nights he'll be up in the night as well, for whatever reason. A little morning tv time for this sleepy household. Zzzzz. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

French toast

Callen loves to help in the kitchen. Whenever we make pancakes or 
French toast he wants to do the flipper. 
So Sunday night I let him and
he did great!! He did all 6 pieces! 

Me and cal

7 months

She was not in the mood for pictures. She was tired and wanted a nap, but I wanted to get a couple pics~7 months!! Sporting her sparkle shoes from auntie shell:)

Laundry soap DIY

Made some powdered laundry soap over the weekend. First load was a success! Came out looking clean. Reading some sites it sounds like some people have a problem or aren't sure about borax...the toxicity...but I figured for now I would try it as a lot of people do use it with no problem or hesitation. And who really knows what's in regular laundry soap. At least this is a three ingredient recipe. I've been using vinegar as fabric softener for a while now and it works great! Doesn't make your clothes smell like vinegar at all but does the trick of softening! Cheap, effective and safe~give it a try!

Saved my sauce jars from costco. Atlas mason jars!! Perfect!! It's 1 tablespoon per load. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Silly girl


I asked callen, do you want your muffins? I meant to say mittens. He thought it was pretty funny:)
Who needs sand at the beach for castles, when you can make snow castles. Callen loved smashing them with the shovel after we built them. 
Snow cave!
The sun was too bright. 


Callen wanted to go out and shovel snow. He was excited when I said ok!


Callen did a great job helping me make pizza! 


Callen was excited to have Channing over!!

Mud water

Callen playing in the mud water

Friday, February 21, 2014


Callens been into layering his pajamas. Started out one night by him saying he was cold so we doubled up the pajamas. 

Not really sure what was going on here. But I guess this is what he wanted. I thought he looked so cute.  Silly little boy. 
Oh yes and he's been wanting just about every blanket we own in his little bed. :)


Time to brush your teeth. 


Callen had fun tearing this stroller box apart. He had his tools out and said he was doing his work. He had me helping him too. Cardboard box fun. 


It was a good day to make some pumpkin muffins~baking always makes callens day. Muffins make his day too:) and pretty sure they make my day too~

Sunday, February 16, 2014


We had Sunday school nursery and maelyn enjoyed the action:)

Little loves

Love these two~

Sleep bag

I love maelyn all bundled for bed in her fleece pj's and fleece sleep bag:) I love a fleecy baby in the winter!!!