Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pics and pics

She lovvvvves daddy! 

And she loves coloring!! Her favorite are markers, of course. And she doesn't like the color wonder markers. The markers that are clear unless you use on special paper. They take a little too long to show up on the paper and that bugs her. So every now and then I give her a marker and she's thrilled. The other day she ran off with one, with no cap. Our couch is more colorful and her hand was covered. Little stinker:) 
These two...

Cadbury mini eggs I couldn't resist. I had maelyn running around all week saying egg egg and callen asking for more more. ;) 
Thank you Jess for the lentils! I found this awesome soup recipe. So easy and so good. Chad liked it and callen too!! Maelyn, not so much. But I wasn't surprised she's a little picky with some things. Will def make this recipe again though. 

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Rachelle Chase said...

love these pics of them together. it seems like just yesterday that it was aje and ry we were taking pics of together!!