Friday, March 6, 2015


This was the sweetest sight for me the other day. We've been talking about routines and schedules and chores the past couple weeks. Ever since, Callen has been doing such a good job with his morning routine. Mainly it's get up, eat breakfast, make bed, get dressed, brush teeth, do hair, read bible and pray. All on his own he's been doing all of them. It is the cutest thing. He goes upstairs gets dressed, wets his hair, and brushes his teeth. Then I hear him close his door and then a little while later I hear him praying. sometimes out loud sometimes whispering. It's so precious. So when I went in his room the other afternoon and saw his bed all made and his bible laying there. It was so sweet to me💙no he can't read yet, but i want to instill that daily importance. (reminding myself to do the same.) Even him opening it up and looking at the pictures is good. He doesn't do this good every day, but little by little;) 

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