Friday, October 3, 2014


The sky the other night was amazing. Chad and callen were on a bike ride around the neighborhood and I had maelyn in the jogging stroller and was running with her. The sky was breathtaking. And the other side I didn't take a picture of but it was beautiful. I didn't want to stop my momentum for this pic:) This rainbow was actually a pretty neat gift. Me and callen had just finished up our school week on Noah and had been talking about Gods promise and how He sent a rainbow. And then this same day we had heard back from Jana's (chads 15 yr old cousin who is fighting cancer) her test results pet scans showed her body is reacting very positively to the radiation she had and chemo treatment. Her cancer cells are shrinking! And it was said that she won't need chemo in that form it will be in the form of a pill (Briefly said). it was such an answer to prayer to see how God has been working and healing in Jana's life. And then to be out that night and see the beautiful sky and rainbow. Definitely a gift from God. Reminding me that his promises still stand! He is holding Jana in his hand, and he is working. And even in the midst of so many people around me going through hard times and sadness. He has this whole world in his mighty hand. It was good to be encouraged by Gods creation and beauty. 

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