Saturday, September 20, 2014

Callens 4th birthday party

Months before callens birthday I asked him what he wanted his party to be, and he said a rocket party. With rocket cake and rocket cupcakes. And talked about it up until his actual party! So a rocket party it was. These pics are just ones from my phone. It's more of a process with my camera and laptop etc. still haven't blogged Maelyns party pics from our camera! 
Toilet paper rolls covered in construction paper and strips of aluminum foil. Some paper flames and paper top. And cotton balls glued in the middle for smoke. The cupcake topper penants I had gotten at Marshall's for 70cents. I got them thinking I could use them at some point. So it worked perfect for his party. They are chalkboard like so I drew some stars and 4's. 

I had seen this on Pinterest and pinned it to his party board as it seemed appropriate:) flour and baby oil!
I wanted his rocket cake to be fairly easy. So I made a rocket out of construction paper and taped it to a kabob skewer-spray painted silver. He said he wanted black and grayish frosting. So this seemed to work! 

Found these at target. Perfect for favors;)

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