Thursday, July 3, 2014

Patio door

Monday afternoon I was in the kitchen with callen. Next door their were landscapers cutting the grass. All of a sudden I heard a noise like a rock hitting the window then this wierd crackling noise. I pulled the blinds to see this!! I had seen the guy weed whacking and remember him facing our house...later chad pointed out that his back should've been to our house. So that if he hit a rock it would go the other way. Well...he hit a rock and it went right into our beautiful French doors!! Long story short the owner of the house (who actually bought the house this past winter and is flipping it) said he would pay for it. Thankfully. But it is going to be a big ordeal as it looks like the doors were custom made. So it won't be an easy fix. A couple guys are looking into what to do:( so annoying. But we're thankful the glass is double paned so it didn't go all the way through into the house. That could've been real bad. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and look ok after. 

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