Sunday, June 29, 2014

The little things

The other day as I was getting dinner ready, I was going back and forth to Maelyns high chair giving her more snacks until I could get things finished. As I was walking back and forth, Cheerios kept sticking to my feet...
And after the kids were in bed I went into the bathroom to see a diaper half folded as I had hurried to give baths to the kids. It was after those two moments that I stopped and thought how fast these moments go. Soon I won't have Cheerios stuck to my feet and I won't be seeing diapers around the house. It's all these little things that I know will be missed. So I have been trying to capture some of those moments. 
Lots of diapers 
I walked by the fan the other day to see it like this. The receipt on the side callen calls the motor. It makes a real loud sound when the fans on, callens favorite part. 

I went to take a drink of my water to find a nerf bullet on the straw. 
Some days seem long and tiring but I know the moments go by quick so I'm trying more to cherish each one~


Erika said...

I love every part of this post. Especially the motor part!

Rachelle Chase said...

so true. and i love the bullet on your something melanie would do ;) haha!!