Thursday, May 8, 2014

This calls for a celebration!

So yesterday morning we had a little celebration. Callen went to bed, fell asleep, and slept all night without his pacifier!! I was so proud of him. And we're on night number two of it! The other night we tried to have him go to bed without it and see. Not so much. Lots of tears. And I spent 20 minutes in his room rubbing his back and singing to him. And praying and praying for help and wisdom. Long story short about that night...when I left the room it was late and more tears started and I was too exhausted so we gave it to him. I have been praying and praying just about the when and the how etc. and this week it looks like success. Not sure if I should publish this post or not...hoping it's for real!:) two days and nights down though! 

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