Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Getting outside

This weather has been wonderful. To be able to be outside most of the day, and then to go back outside after dinner? I love it. Maelyn gets a little unsettled around 6-7 sometimes earlier but just that block of time before bedtime. Getting tired but not quite time. So, I've been putting her in the jogging stroller and we go for a run. It has been so nice. I started out walking then walking and jogging and now I've worked up to running. Maybe it's still considered a jog not sure:) either way it's a win win, relaxes maelyn and gets me up and out and excercising. Something I've desperately been lacking. While we're doing that, callen and chad are on their bikes. So it's good for all of us. We welcome spring with open arms. Never go away!!:)

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