Wednesday, January 30, 2013

m&m cookie

I had a drs appt yesterday, so we were out of the house early. All went well at the appt. so thankful I switched offices. I am so happy with the switch in so many ways. Thankful too for the good heartbeat of this growing baby. Since we were out I figured we'd venture to a few stores. Our middle stop was panera, for a cookie for callen. And maybe a cinnamon chip scone and caramel latte for me;) callen enjoyed his big cookie! ....I have to say he is such a handful. I am still really working hard on discipline, consistency and getting to the point where he obeys, right away, and he is not the one controlling me. Which so often i feel like he has alot of the control. I admit that so many days I am at the end of my rope with him. This morning? yes. i love him more than words could ever say. And am so thankful for him. It's just these days have been rough. Terrific twos?? I was taught to call them that instead of the terrible twos. But yet he can be the sweetest, cutest boy ever!! So I'm glad for that balance. But really need a lot of prayer with this. And he hasn't been doing very good sleeping...and I know that makes a world of difference as far as everything and everyone is concerned. Feel free to pray for us, as you enjoy the cute picture of callen and his cookie.


Tracy said...

Two year old Torrey (and three ... ahem) were the hardest years of my life. Hang in there. Be consistent. Take time for yourself. Pray ... a lot. It will get easier. And he will be easier. And your memories of these days won't be of the hard, but of the victory. Praying for you.

ajnrileysmommy said...

praying for you always!! i can't wait to see how God is going to use his strong personality to bring glory to HIM! love you! and want a bite of that cookie!!